Type approvals explained

ECE R 65

Defines the light values to be achieved, the distribution of light, and the marking lamps’ color position. Only warning lights complying with ECE-R65 may be used in public transport.

ECE R48 reef. 6

Notice requiring all side marker lamps to flash simultaneously with the vehicle’s flashing lights.


Approved and granted electromagnetic proficiency.

If the lamp is not designed to the EMC specifications, and no certification is available, there may be interference with other electronic safety-relevant systems.

Example: Noise in the radio speakers, failure of the ABS electronics, or damage of the lamp due to noise sensitivity.

Other type-approvals

ECE-R3 Reflexes

ECE-R4 License Plate Lamps

ECE-R6 Front, rear and side-indicator lamps

ECE-R7 Position, rear, stop and marker lamps

ECE-R19 Fog lamps

ECE-R23 Reversing lamps

ECE-R38 Fog tail lamps

ECE-R48 On installation and use

ECE-R77 Front and rear parking lamps

ECE-R87 Daytime Running Lights

ECE-R91 Side marker lamps

ECE-R98 Xenon headlamps

ECE-R104 Contour markings

ECE-R112 Low beam / High beam regulation

ECE-R119 Curvelights

ECE-R123 Adaptive headlamp systems