Terms of Sale

1. General

The Seller is Nordlys.eu at A/S Bevola, CVR-nr: 33076428.

The Buyer is The person stated in the order.

We deliver to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Poland. (Norway have its webshop outside the EU). The only information we store is contact details to complete the order (email, phone, address, and products you order).

2. Ordering, pricing and payment

After ordering in the online store, you will receive an order receipt for your email.

We charge the item included VAT in Denmark. For other countries, we charge without VAT (export).

The total price to pay also includes shipping and packaging expenses.

Payment is made by credit card, or debit card, via Stripe. Supported cards are VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. When purchased, the money is reserved. Once the item is packed and shipment is booked for delivery, we deduct the amount from the card.

All communications are encrypted and secure. We store no card details on the Nordlys.eu server. In the event of a withdrawal period, the money will be returned through Stripe.

3. Delivery

We ship orders on the same day for orders received before 12 am. You will typically receive package tracking on your email. We only deduct money from your card when we can ship goods. 

If delivery is delayed, we will notify you immediately. If there is no agreement for delivery, you shall have received your item no later than 30 days after ordering. You have the right to cancel the purchase and get your money back on the card if we have withdrawn the card.

If there is damage to the item you receive or we have delivered the wrong item, please contact us quickly for a solution.

4. Right of withdrawal

The Right of Withdrawal Act gives you the freedom to undo your purchase. The right of withdrawal assumes that within 14 days of receiving the delivery, you will notify the Seller that you wish to take advantage of the withdrawal period.

All products shall be returned to the Seller within a reasonable time using the right of withdrawal.

The Buyer has the risk of transporting the item back to the Seller.

Read more: Right of withdrawal

5. Claim and Warranty

If you notice an error or defect, please notify the Seller that you want to invoke the defect (complaint). Complaints must be made within two years of receiving the item.

We recommend that you contact us and make a written request for a complaint. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the complaint request. It is crucial that you refer to the order number or receipt for purchases on the item to make a complaint.

Suppose there are defects in the item, and this is not due to careless or improper use. In that case, you may have the right to cancel the purchase, demand a price reduction or correction of the goods.

It is essential that you keep your receipt. Without a receipt, you can’t make a warranty/claim.

6. Privacy

By accepting our terms of sale, you give your consent to store and process your data. We only store information necessary to provide customer service and document taxes and fees to the authorities.

Read more: Privacy Policy

7. Personalization and profiling

By accepting the terms of sale, you agree that we may personalize the website’s content and add you to an interest group. You will be able to receive relevant marketing on other websites.

Read more: Privacy Policy

8. Customer’s obligations

As a customer, you are responsible for the payment of products that the Seller provides and ensuring that the information provided on your account/order is correct.

9. Force majeure

The Seller cannot be held liable to the Buyer when the following circumstances arise after ordering, and that prevent or delay its fulfillment: War and mobilization, rebellion and civil unrest, terror actions or risk of the same, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, shortage of goods, non- or delayed-delivery of goods from subsuppliers, fire, transport shortages, import and export restrictions, death, disease or the loss of key personnel or other circumstances over which Seller has no direct control. In such instances, Seller is entitled to postpone the delivery until the events have ceased to apply or to cancel the contract in whole or part without incurring liability.

10. Disputes

The Center for Complaint Resolution is located in Nævnenes Hus and processes complaints.

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