NORDLYS® is a Scandinavian brand, which is developed and created by BEVOLA. This concept includes lights and electrical components made especially for the transport industry. All the lights have been tested for the Scandinavian roads, which means that they also have approvals that follow the Scandinavian laws.

NORDLYS® is the first brand that is available for not only companies and entrepreneurs, but also available for the private segment. This makes it possible for everyone to purchase the products directly through our webshop.


The brand is called NORDLYS® because we wanted to embrace the uniqueness of Scandinavian, which among other things is the northern lights. We wanted a name, which dedicates and embraces something special, unique and beautiful such as the colors of the northern lights.

The quality and design of the lights have been carefully selected. We have set some criteria, which all of NORDLYS lights must meet, such as quality on all levels, must comply with RoHS and other directives, must contain as little pollution as possible and must be recyclable.

The environment is essential for NORDLYS®. We wish to take care of the environment but at the same time do not compromise with quality. For instance, the packages will be sent in environmentally friendly packages, and our brochure is available online.


Our product range varies and includes all kinds of lights. From front- and rear lights to reflectors and interior. Within each product group, you will find a standard or a plus model. Both models are of high quality and RoHS-approved.
The product range contains right now about 60 products and 12 product categories. However, we work on continuously to expand our product range and categories. There are no limits on how many different lights this brand will contain. 
The important thing is that the products meet our requirements and standards within the NORDLYS® concept.
NORDLYS Scandinavian brand
NORDLYS Lighting the way



BEVOLA is a distributor of NORDLYS®. You as a company, entrepreneur or distributor can also become a distributor of NORDLYS®.
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