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Reverse Camera Set
Reverse Camera Set
Reverse Camera Set
Reverse Camera Set
Reverse Camera Set

Reverse Camera Set

  • 7″ LCD monitor with 800 x 480 px resolution
  • 150° Wide-angle rear view camera with vertical tilt
  • Easy installation with included cable set and instructions
  • Can be used in both 12 v and 24 v

Need more cameras? Add this one to your camera set.

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Reverse camera set from Dometic.

This dimmable 7″ (17,8cm) LCD monitor has three video inputs for a great all-round view of the rear and side of your vehicle. Featuring digital LCD technology with super-bright, energy-saving LED backlighting, it gives a brilliant image quality day and night.

  • Digital LCD technology with LED backlighting achieves top image quality – day and night!
  • Automatic dimming function enhances comfort and convenience
  • Three camera inputs, of which one camera can be activated by external signals
  • Image settings can be saved separately for each camera input
  • Optional mirror function gives you a familiar rear mirror view

Many panel vans, caravans and motorhomes lack a suitable mounting surface for a camera on the rear. Here is a smart alternative: a tiny cylinder camera enclosed in a compact housing to be fastened on the top edge of the vehicle’s rear. The 150° wide-angle lens can be vertically aligned for the best possible view.

  • Custom solution for panel vans – ideal for tricky installation conditions
  • Wide-angle lens with large picture angle (150° diagonal)
  • Waterproof (IP68 rated)
  • Colour cylinder camera (NTSC), 1/4″ CMOS image sensor
  • Factory preset mirror function to give you a familiar rear mirror view
  • High sensitivity to light for sharp, high-contrast images
  • Electronic brightness adjustment for consistently good image quality

Dometic is a world famous brand with scandinavian roots – therefore it fits the NORDLYS philosophy perfectly, and the quality is the absolute best in the business.

The quality and design of the lights have been carefully selected. We have set some criteria, which all of NORDLYS® lights must meet, such as quality on all levels, must comply with RoHS and other directives, must contain as little pollution as possible and must be recyclable.

Choosing the right lamp will make all the difference. Do not be fooled by cheap alternatives – Trust NORDLYS® as your supplier of high quality lights.

Our product range varies and includes all kinds of lights. From front- and rear lights to reflectors and interior.

We have lights suitable for almost any application; Truck, Car, 4×4, Tractor, Boat, Motorcycle, Campers, etc.

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