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Pipe Fittings for Flashlights, straight

Pipe Fittings for Flashlights, straight

Standard model

  • Incl. protective cap

71,00 DKK incl. VAT

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Variation: straight
Connection: 2-pole flat plug
Material: Yellow chromated steel

The quality and design of the lights have been carefully selected. We have set some criteria, which all of NORDLYS® lights must meet, such as quality on all levels, must comply with RoHS and other directives, must contain as little pollution as possible and must be recyclable.

Choosing the right lamp will make all the difference. Do not be fooled by cheap alternatives – Trust NORDLYS® as your supplier of high quality lights.

Our product range varies and includes all kinds of lights. From front- and rear lights to reflectors and interior.

We have lights suitable for almost any application; Truck, Car, 4×4, Tractor, Boat, Motorcycle, Campers, etc.

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